Monday, October 22, 2007

Nanaca Crash


Nanaca Crash!! (actually spelled NANACA†CRASH!!) is an online spin-off game featuring characters from Cross Channel, an eroge (a Japanese video or computer game that features erotic content, usually in the form of anime-style artwork) for the Windows and PlayStation 2 platforms. You can view the Wikipedia article for Cross Channel here.

The object of the game is to click, hold and release the mouse button to determine the angle and velocity of Nanaca crashing her bicycle towards Taichi, sending him flying across the screen. Your score is determined by the distance of his flight. Certain characters he crashes into will greatly affect his velocity. Landing into girls gives you different "Boosts" that can add to your velocity and sometimes trigger "Specials" at certain conditions. While in their "Special" state, the mouse button should be clicked to activate the special boost (and a cool animation). Not doing would cause the cancellation of the special state and just the boost of the character Taichi landed on would be activated. For best results, click the mouse button otherwise within 0.7 seconds to get a super boost. Also, there are two guys you can land on: one could change your angle (Angle Up or Angle Down) while the other guy slows you down.

Summoning Nanaca (clicking the mouse button anywhere in the game screen) to produce "Aerials" could be done between a height of 3-10 meters which is basically when Taichi is above the trees but not too high that the red arrow pointing up appears. Red aerials are possible when Taichi's falling. Clicking the mouse button gives him an upward boost. You can use this up to three times. Useful if you want to avoid running into a certain person like Misato Miyasumi (girl with glasses, the game would be over when Taichi lands on and hugs her). Blue aerials, on the other hand, are possible on the way up. Clicking the mouse button gives you a boost downward. Unlike the Red aerials, the Blue ones are “rechargeable” and you have to wait until it recharges back to 100% for each use. Useful if you want to hit someone that can boost you further.

So, if hitting other people with your bicycle is your thing, go on and check out Nanaca Crash here.


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