Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maia's First Post: Jayjay and Maia

So this is my first blog in Technicolored Pandecoco (I don't know kung ano naisip ni Jayjay at yun ang pinangalan nya, masyado lang siguro siyang creative). Anyway, Jayjay and I have been together for six looooong years, yes six years not months. Now how did we last that long?.. I don't know maybe we only have one thing in common... we love food! We basically grew up together, well matured that is. The secret siguro of being together for so long based on experience would be having fun lagi. I owe it din to Jayjay he really knows how to make a dull moment bright and fun. How? Well he loves to tell sensible jokes (uhhhmm sometimes nonsense), he loves trivia, and loves to read. Sometimes he is a walking talking encyclopedia, dictionary rolled into one. We'll that's what I like about him I guess. He is also a sweet, thoughtful, loving guy to me and to his family (girls really dig that). Ok so he is not that perfect, he could be very annoying sometimes... the mister know it all. Hehe. He hates it when I call him that. It's nice to have a nice guy for a boyfriend but the thing is he makes you look bad. He's too nice of a guy that I should be a very very very nice girl to be his girl (yung tipong people would say "ang swerte naman nang girlfriend sana mabait din siya sa kanya")... uhmm you know what I mean. It's complicated. But it's true I really am lucky. And to all those people out there... Yes, I too am a good girl! and I deserve a nice guy... Too bad I saw him first. I mean its hard to find nice guys nowadays u know! (lumalaki na ulo ni Jayjay). Pero you know what the thing about us is that we look up to each other. We just really pull each other up. We really work better when we have each other. We kinda compensate each other's weaknesses like I am not good with computer- technology engineering stuff, but he is. He's really not much of financial matters, taxes etc., but I am. Our life is not perfect, a lot of obstacles too specially now that we're just starting.

But it's ok.

By now we still have a long way to go.. and alot of preparing to do.. for what's next
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Monday, September 17, 2007



I am finally back...

After a tremendous amount of soul searching and self motivation I finally decided to continue this so called blogging lifestyle of mine. After months of laying dormant and letting every good (and siyempre bad) moments pass by me without writing it in my blog I finally decided to give it another try.

(tagalog muna tayo... mahirap maghanap ng synonym sa Thesaurus...)

Rewind 3 months ago...

Active na active ako sa pag-update ng blog ko. Hehehe, kahit nonsense na ang sinusulat ko basta meron lang akong mapost nung araw na yun isusulat ko talaga. Excited din akong i-upload yung mga bago kong artworks na kung susuriin mong mabuti eh wala namang kwenta. Ok buhay ko dati. Nagkaroon ako ng outlet para sa aking mga ideya at opinyon. Isinusulat ko kung ano man ang nasa isip ko, iginuguhit ko ano mang nais ko...

Pero ganyan talaga ang buhay… laging may kontrabida.

I was silenced.

Specifically, I was "Websensed".

My antagonist according to Wikipedia:

"Websense is a San Diego, California-based company which produces web filtering software, also known as Internet content-control software of the same name. The blockage created by this software has led to the creation of the word "websensed"....

... Websense is designed to allow system administrators to block access to web sites (and other protocols) based on categories. These categories contain lists of sites that can be blocked. Separate categories can be blocked at all times or only during certain times of the day. The software also allows organizations to offer a "continue button," which allows users to go to a blocked category if it is work related."

Pucha! Ano ito!

My freedom of speech had been revoked. My ideas, artworks and comments had been kept away from the world to see. My ideas would just be my ideas, my artworks would just be wasted computer space, and my comments would only be heard when I do my business in the toilet.

Again, I was a nobody... (insert Maalaala Mo Kaya theme song here)

But who cares right? I'm gone but nobody seems to notice.

After starting my blog and having 30+ topics written I only received 3 comments in 3 months amount of time. That is one out of ten topics in a month. Wow! Andame!

At hindi lang yan, sa pagkaramiraming blogsites ngayon sa internet, ang chance na mapansin ang site ko against sa mga bilyung bilyong makikita ngayon ay uhmm... teka maglalabas muna ako ng calculator... hmmm... carry one... times the square root of... divided by the sum of the product... equals... hmmm... ang chance na mapapansin ang site ko ay NEVER! Mas malaki pa ang chance kong makakuha ng "Milo" pag pumindot ako ng "Cappuccino" sa coffee dispenser namin sa office. Mas malaki pa ang chance kong manalo sa Wowowee!

Pero bakit andito ako ngayon sa isang computer shop at hindi nagdo-DOTA kundi... gasp!... nagbo-blog?

Naku! Ewan!

Akala ko kasi dati hindi para sa akin ito. Ang blogging ay para lang sa mga taong may Internet sa bahay, sa mga taong magaling magsulat, sa mga taong interesting ang buhay, sa mga taong magaling mag-Ingles (at hindi na gumagamit ng Thesaurus), sa mga taong nakakatawa, sa mga taong creative, at sa mga taong importante...

Mali ako.

Ito ay para sa mga taong nais magpahiwatig ng kanilang mga saloobin kahit na alam nilang wala rin makikinig sa kanila. Alam kasi nilang balang araw kakainin sila ng buhay ng kanilang ideyang hindi nila pinalaya para mag-ingay.

Pasensiya na isa ako sa mga taong ito. Wala akong pake kung sa tingin mo pangit ang mga pinagmamalaki kong artworks. Wala akong pake kung sa tingin mo ay wala namang kwenta lahat ng mga naeeexperience ko araw-araw…

Wala akong pake kung na-ooffend ka pag sinabi kong bumabakat utong ko pag nababasa polo ko pag nauulanan.

Hehehe haba ng introduction.

Sa lahat ng makakabasa nito welcome po sa inyong lahat sa aking bagong blogsite. Welcome po sa Technicolored Pandecoco.


1. Bakit "Technicolored Pandecoco"?

Pake mo! Trip ko eh anong magagawa mo! Hehehe, I am reserving "Hardcoded" as a title of my webcomic na i-i-integrate ko sa site na ito. I chose "Technicolored Pandecoco" as the site name because... uhmmm... wala na ako maisip. Sa ngayon mabibisita nyo pa rin ang dati dati kong blogsite dito at sa kasalukuyan ay mina-migrate ko pa lahat ng mga articles ko sa site na yun papunta dito. Buti na lang may nakita akong java program na ginawa ng isang chinese guy (Hi Yichao!) na nakapadali sa pagimport ng aking mga articles from Wordpress to Blogger. You can view his article and download his program here.

2. Bakit ka lumipat from Blogsavy to Blogger?

Ba't ang dami mong tanong? Sino ka ba? Nung naisip kong bumalik mag-blog balak ko from scratch uli kaso nasasayangan ako sa mga past articles ko sa dati kong blogsite. Napagdesisyon kong i-migrate na lang ang mga articles ko mula dun papunta dito. Why Blogger? Kasi mas ok sa akin interface nya at mas nadadalian akong magcustomize at magupload ng mga pics and articles dito. Meron din siyang mga functions na naka-attract sa atensiyon ko. Isa dito ang tinatawag na "AdSense" kung saan nagpopost ang Google ng mga advertisements sa nilaan mong space para sa kanila at nakakagenerate ka ng income anytime meron magki-click sa ads nila. Ang isa pang function na gusto ko ay yung tinatawag na "Mail-to-Blogger Address" kung saan pwede ka magpost ng articles na hindi mo kailangang i-access ang site kundi i-email mo lang ito sa blogger email address na binigay mo at diretsong mapopost ang article mo... Hanep! Hi-tech! Ito ay para sa mga nawe-websense ang blosite tulad ko.

Ayaw ko na rin sa "Blogsavy" na domain name ko... hindi kasi interesting tignan... parang pambading hehehe (sorry sa comment).

3. So what's new?

Kung mapapansin nyo dalawa na kaming authors dito sa site. After asking her to share her ideas and views (and after submitting to her headlock), Maia is more than happy to contribute to this site (Hi love! Mwahh!). So hindi lang yung mga articles ko ang mababasa nyo kundi pati na rin ang mga articles nya hehehe. Also, try din namin i-expand ang mga articles na ifi-feature namin sa site. Since this site would not only be about me but now this site would be about us as a couple and we would like to feature articles that we are interested in (like movies, events, and food!) and articles we would like to start (poetry, book reviews, and gasp!... music reviews). After going through my past articles I decided to revise some of them kasi medyo wrong grammar mga iba hehehe. Also, I am also migrating all uploaded pictures from Imagehosting (and AlbumTown) to Photobucket (para mas maayos). Expect also a customized banner and a new template for our site (kasi naka-default setting pa kami at this moment) na isususunod kong gawin once natapos ang lahat ng pagiimport ko.

Again, welcome sa aming blogsite hope to see your comments around and don't forget to click on the ads.

Seatback... Relax... and Enjoy the Show...
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