Sunday, September 23, 2007

Maia's First Post: Jayjay and Maia

So this is my first blog in Technicolored Pandecoco (I don't know kung ano naisip ni Jayjay at yun ang pinangalan nya, masyado lang siguro siyang creative). Anyway, Jayjay and I have been together for six looooong years, yes six years not months. Now how did we last that long?.. I don't know maybe we only have one thing in common... we love food! We basically grew up together, well matured that is. The secret siguro of being together for so long based on experience would be having fun lagi. I owe it din to Jayjay he really knows how to make a dull moment bright and fun. How? Well he loves to tell sensible jokes (uhhhmm sometimes nonsense), he loves trivia, and loves to read. Sometimes he is a walking talking encyclopedia, dictionary rolled into one. We'll that's what I like about him I guess. He is also a sweet, thoughtful, loving guy to me and to his family (girls really dig that). Ok so he is not that perfect, he could be very annoying sometimes... the mister know it all. Hehe. He hates it when I call him that. It's nice to have a nice guy for a boyfriend but the thing is he makes you look bad. He's too nice of a guy that I should be a very very very nice girl to be his girl (yung tipong people would say "ang swerte naman nang girlfriend sana mabait din siya sa kanya")... uhmm you know what I mean. It's complicated. But it's true I really am lucky. And to all those people out there... Yes, I too am a good girl! and I deserve a nice guy... Too bad I saw him first. I mean its hard to find nice guys nowadays u know! (lumalaki na ulo ni Jayjay). Pero you know what the thing about us is that we look up to each other. We just really pull each other up. We really work better when we have each other. We kinda compensate each other's weaknesses like I am not good with computer- technology engineering stuff, but he is. He's really not much of financial matters, taxes etc., but I am. Our life is not perfect, a lot of obstacles too specially now that we're just starting.

But it's ok.

By now we still have a long way to go.. and alot of preparing to do.. for what's next


meowmeow said...

u guys look cute. obviously u two are good at having fun together. :)

Francis said...

hey, ingat kayo sa 5-7 year itch. had 2 friends, 7 years na sila, tas nag break din. tas yung isa, break, bati, break, buntis. kaya sila ulit.

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