Friday, October 19, 2007

The Inday Phenomenon (Part 2)

Pucha! Grabe na pala kasikatan ni Inday.

Multiple blogs had already started posting their own share of accumulated Inday jokes. Surprisingly, Conrado de Quiros, a columnist of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, wrote an article about the popularity of Inday. It is amazing to see a man of his caliber write a topic about something as simple as a chain of text jokes promulgated by people who just don’t want to waste their precious unlimited text plan. Truly the Inday jokes are not just a passing fad but a phenomenon. You can view the article of Conrado de Quiros entitled “O Inday” in his column “There's The Rub” here.

It seems that Inday started a blog of her own. Blog Ni Inday offers new Inday jokes updated daily. Jokes had been arranged by categories (See the Assemblage section) for the reader’s convenience. You can also check Inday’s Biodata and comments from her “Amo”. According to him “the site’s sole purpose is to gather and share the numerous Inday jokes and manuscripts scattered all over the SMS and Internet world.”

Shockingly, as of this writing, this blog was thrusted in the Top 10 English Blogs at Wordpress in just a few weeks time. Here’s hoping to someday see a movie or TV show about everybody’s favorite househelp…

… and perhaps a Tagalog-English Dictionary named after her.


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